Yuzu Lemon 012-01514, 10 lb.

Yuzu’s are held in high esteem by Japanese chefs. The acidic fruit, which is used green or fully colored, is the key ingredient in Ponzu sauce and other Japanese specialties. The Yuzu is a unique citrus hybrid native to China and Tibet. It is widely used in Japan but is rare and highly sought after in the United States. The fruit is small to medium size with a rough, aromatic rind and has many, large seeds. It is usually used green or as it is just beginning to turn yellow. Yuzu juice is strongly acidic but like the rind, has unique, piney-citrus flavor.


Variegated Pink Lemon 012-01515, 10 lb.

The Variegated Pink Lemon is unlike any other lemon – the variegated green and white leaves and immature striped fruit are a beautiful contrast of colors and textures. When mature, the stripes fade and the rind becomes yellow with a hint of pink. Just as surprising as the outside, the inside holds a light pink flesh which is rich with the healthful (beneficial) antioxidant lycopene. The flavor is mild, tutti-frutti and just perfect for a tall glass of ice cold pink lemonade!


Etrog Citron 012-01424, 10 lb.

A large, rough, and bumpy lemon is how the Etrog Citron has been described. The rind is yellow, glossy and thick, and has a very distinctive aroma which can freshen a room for several weeks. The pulp is pale yellow, very acidic, has numerous seeds and is not very juicy. The Etrog Citron is the ceremonial fruit of the Feast of Tabernacles, and the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. Etrog Citrons can be added to your bouquet to add lasting fragrance. The peel can be candied, used in preserves, or to flavor main dishes, salads, desserts and even alcoholic beverages.


Kabul golden Organic Pomegranate 040-00821, 14 CT

This beautiful pomegranate has a softer internal seed with abnormally sweet flesh. With this sweetness you will find a lack of the typical astringent taste you would generally find in one of its red counterparts. This fruit is truly special and unique. Try it today, and you’ll be happy you did!